For the past two years, I’ve been offering FREE photo shoots for women to help them succeed. 

I've helped entrepreneurs, new moms, social media influencers, event planners, life coaches, nail artists, fashion models, bloggers, FOR FREE!  

Now, I need your help to continue and expand the Diamond Project. I want to keep offering shoots to women who need them.

To date, I have done 25 FREE shoots valued at $400 each. That’s $10,000 of free shoots for women who needed them. Now I’m reaching out to you so I can keep this going. You can participate in the Diamond Project by sponsoring another woman’s dream.  Helping them succeed with the backing of amazing photography.

Together, let’s give away 25 more free shoots. 

1 - You can sponsor a shoot. Each shoot is valued at $400. That’s a two-hour session in studio, working with an applicant on whatever project they have applied for.   

2 - Pool your support. Contribute a smaller amount towards a shoot. Once I hit another $400, I’ll book a free shoot with the next applicant.

3 - Nominate a Diamond. Know a lady who would benefit from a shoot? Are you that lady? Apply below.

I’ve been sharing highlights from each shoot so far on my blog. I’ll keep putting up highlights from every Diamond Project shoot so you can see the smiles of the women you've supported. 



Sponsor or apply and let’s shine together! 

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