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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Patricia ‘The Magical Unicorn’ Lawler


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"The Diamond Project is an inspired way of proving that our every day actions can change lives. When we uplift and empower others, we do the same for ourselves. Talk about a win-win-win! We win, they win, and the world wins because we all become our best selves.

My shoot with Jen was so much fun, and very easy going. She’s such an amazing photographer, and knows how to make you feel at ease instantly. When she noticed I was getting too in my head, she would make me laugh, loosen up, and be in the moment. I never thought that getting headshots done would have such an affect on my self-perception, especially after I’d already gotten a new job -- was I ever wrong!

Seeing myself through Jen’s eye showed me how far I’ve come in my journey, and what a strong person I really am. For anyone considering getting personal or professional shots taken, I cannot recommend Jen’s services enough!! You will not be sorry you took a chance on yourself."

“Charitable endeavours from the heart”

"Last year while I was between jobs, I started volunteering more to stay busy, feel useful and give more back to my community. Realizing I was motivating friends and family, I decided to put myself out there online to try and have a further reach. Noble Lady Ventures was born to show the world that we are all capable of extraordinary things.

This social enterprise of sorts encourages everyone to better themselves, their community, and therefore the world. Being able to use Jen’s shots on Noble Lady holds me accountable for my own actions, as it puts a face to the cause, and proves we all have the power to be great. As my best friend put it, “what started out as volunteering, turned into amazingness.” - Patty Lawler

I met up with Patty from Noble Ladies Ventures this week. She needed some updated headshots and a few 'just for funs' - my speciality ;-)

This orange wall is becoming kind of iconic, at least in a very sub, sub group of photogs from the area. I remember a few years ago it had the words "my dad sucks" spray painted on it for a while. The graffiti changes but the colour remains.

Its nice that its so close to a few choice coffee shops. How can you go wrong with a heavily caffeinated tub of foam, a giant orange wall and a lovely person to photograph? - Jennifer

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