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Cowgirl Boots

Updated: May 5

Chapter 2: The Cowgirl boots left out so long that they were reclaimed by nature.

My father in law found these beauties when he was cleaning up his property in Markdale. I guess someone either threw out or abandoned their boots one day, long ago. Too bad, they actually look like comfy boots. What a waste!

Nature is so amazing. It found these boots and was like "yeah, I can grow some moss on those, make em look just like the forest," or something like that (I imagine). Then Glen found them a while later and thought, "best I hide these in Jen's car so she can find them later".

I had fun photographing these in my backyard. I set up my tripod on the deck to grab a really cool overhead shot of me taking pics of the boots beneath. The shots turned out great considering I was fighting with rapidly fluctuating light and some weird wind. It was worth it.

Now that I'm done photographing these things I'm not sure what to do with them. For now, they'll sit within the Moss Library.

This chapter is part of a larger story about nature, the global pandemic, and how I am dealing with everything. Click here for the background on the Moss Library.

ABOUT J.LYON (She/Her) J.Lyon, also known as Jennifer Lyon, is an award-winning Ontario-based visual artist.

Jennifer's primary work is as a professional portrait and commercial photographer operating in southern Ontario. She offers a broad range of unique services, including commercial branding, product photography, and portraiture, with studio locations in K-W and Collingwood.

Jennifer considers herself an Eco Artist and advocate, beautifully blending natural materials and textures into her work. She employs a range of mediums, including, photography, landscape architecture, sculpture, carving, and fashion and is available for commissions.

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