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grammy photoshoot

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

I wanted an opportunity to get to know an older person and do a shoot with them, partly because I am really interested in wrinkles!

My subject for this shoot was a nurse for over 40 years. Her name is Anne and she spent the first part of her career in the Meaford, Ont., hospital and then (fed up with Canadian weather), she moved on to Naples, FLA where she found sun and a busy OR.

Anne shared some pretty amazing operating room stories.

She was happy to show off her wrinkles and told me she "earned every single one of them!".

I wanted to make sure we captured her nursing days, so she dawned her finest scrub shirt (which she now wears as pj's). We played around with the surgical instruments she used to use in the operating room and she showed me how properly hold them.

I loved this shoot!

Thank you, Anne for allowing me the chance to chat with you and capture your lovely story. I bet those wrinkled hands saved alot of lives.


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