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night shift tea party back story

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

NightShift was a place-hacking art fest that happened in November every year in downtown Kitchener.

Last year I gathered 12 of my friends to build bunny masks, dress up and come have a tea party at city hall with me to bring attention to mental health issues.

Some of us were dealing with some pretty serious issues and we thought it would be comforting to venture out into the night as a giant group of well dressed, anonymous bunnies-- and it was!

Our main objective was to meet up and drink some tea together— possibly engage with other NightShifters about what we were up to. And so, we sat around on the floor in the big rotunda of Kitchener City hall and hung out as fancy bunnies.

Here’s a short vid of our party:


After that, the warren was free to explore the rest of the festival. It was a very rainy night and my mask lasted longer than I had thought, it was made from paper after all, I didnt expect much. It finally withered after a bit too much rain dancing. Well worth it.

NightShift is now canceled due to lack of funding but I have some serious plans to continue making art that brings people together and keeps this city interesting af.

Expect more bunnies and other large heads.

I had alot of fun rallying my friends to do this odd thing with me. I'm glad I did.




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