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Tanya & Kim join the Diamond Project

Hey world! Meet Tanya and Kim. They are partners in podcast-crime and both are inspirational entrepreneurs based here in KW!

Tanya is a self care, self love coach working to help women release their guilt and fears to make room for some important Me Time. She is also the founder of Body Business :-) follow her @tantaottersteinliehs

Also, check out her bangin' Youtube channel here.

Kim is a Food Freedom and Mindset Coach who focuses on diet mentality and helping people find peace with food and body through eating psychology strategies. Follow her @kimbasler_foodfreedom

Kim's also got some pretty dang amazing videos on Facebook. You'll find em here.

Both ladies are fierce and all about self love and helping people find self worth. It was a pleasure having them in studio. We worked together to create some great online content and managed to have a really important talk about boundaries and doing things that seem tough at the time but have such a reward! Thanks for the pep talk ladies.

Sharing a few highlights from the shoot below.

P.s I finally sent that email. ;-)

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