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The Diamond Project

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

The Diamond Project urges women to seek out, befriend and uplift one another.

Taking a detour from the all-too-common, jealousy and rivalry between women, I’m suggesting a more positive approach.

The Diamond Project started in 2017 when I realized that there are different ways of using power, different more positive ways and I set out to make that the norm. It started in my position as a manager. I worked with so many amazing young people who thrived in positivity. I set that tone. I made sure I used my power for good.

The project further materialized when I decided to seek out and uplift women with photography. We all have the power to do good for others and I was able to make more good while exploring my passion. I called it the Diamond Project because I felt like I was helping these women shine bright like diamonds.

Two years later, I have a beautiful portfolio of images and vast network of super talented women who all agree that we should be supporting and uplifting each other.

So, what now?

I’m asking more women to join in!

I urge you to seek out and form friendships with other women and do what you can to uplift them. Offer your skills, your time or just a friendly gesture to say, “hey I see you.”

We are capable of making great things greater. Let's do it together! Apply and get involved with my project (free photography) or start your own.

Shine bright, ladies.


Thanks to Sarah Pearson, for allowing me to use her photo for this post and for being a part of this project. Shot in 2017 in #dtk for a feature story on her work as a musician and author.

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