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The Forest Fascinator

Updated: Apr 30

Since I can't photograph other people, I thought why not photograph myself looking cool? I got the idea when I started to research what other creatives are up to online. I need to keep busy and I really haven't explored the realm of self-portraits until now. So let's do this!

There are so many amazing ideas floating around online and I was feeling so freaken excited. I began to clean out all of my old clothes in search of that perfect outfit to pose in. Sifting through stuff and always feeling like I needed something more. Something to make my portrait selfie sesh really amazing.

After a few hours of making piles and sighing heavily, I started to feel like I really didn't need all of this stuff. I was quite happy living in sweats these past seven weeks. It felt impossible that I would ever need this many pairs of jeans again. And to be honest, all of this stuff wasn't that inspirational or trendy anyways.

What did having all these clothes really do for me? How did it serve me? It didn't, really. It served corporate goals and kinda always made me feel like I wasn't good enough unless I was wearing that latest fad. I decided not to buy anything and just work with what I had but what I had was also not doing it for me.

So how can I create a self-portrait that's truly unique, fashionable, and amazing without buying anything? Can I sweep aside my mountain of crap and my urge to continually consume AND still be happy and relatively occupied in quarantine?

Turns out, yeah, I can!

Introducing, the high fashion forest fascinator. Made from found objects around Collingwood, Ontario. This headpiece consisted of two varieties of moss, a pinecone, small clipping of lace, and honeycomb from a local bee-keeper. It was held together with a piece of wire and a dab of hot glue.

I tried! Girl, did I try. Every day in quarantine I'm excited to don my usual sweat pants and old university sweater and face my day. I go for hikes with my dog, I set up product shoots in my studio and I play in my moss garden.

I also made a moss pin for the gents. ;-)

This is the first chapter of a larger story about nature, the global pandemic, and how I am dealing with everything. Click here for the background on the Moss Library and how I started this project.

ABOUT J.LYON (She/Her) J.Lyon, also known as Jennifer Lyon, is an award-winning Ontario-based visual artist.

Jennifer's primary work is as a professional portrait and commercial photographer operating in southern Ontario. She offers a broad range of unique services, including commercial branding, product photography, and portraiture, with studio locations in K-W and Collingwood.

Jennifer considers herself an Eco Artist and advocate, beautifully blending natural materials and textures into her work. She employs a range of mediums, including, photography, landscape architecture, sculpture, carving, and fashion and is available for commissions. You can also search for her works of art on this blog.

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