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the garden social (building community at my condo)

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

I grew up in a small town. We all knew each other’s business. Most of the time I was quite annoyed by it BUT now that I am an adult living in the big city (of Waterloo :-P ) I want to know my neighbours. I want to borrow a cup of sugar. I want to water their plants while they visit Scotland and so on.

4 years ago I made a friend named Lynne. She lived upstairs and she is awesome. I’ve met many more friendly neighbours since then. Lynne inspired me to join the board and get more involved. She is my resident gramma/friend and I love her for it.

Our very first garden social, Lynne and I made a small but mighty zen garden near the front door. Sadly, the Buddha we put out there was stolen! New Buddha has a stern warning for anyone thinking they might like to take him.

This was our 4th garden social. We invited all of our neighbours and we gussied up the gardens, gabbed and ate some yummy grub!

Lynne is moving out very soon and I will miss her but the tradition will continue! Her new house is pretty close by, so we may still get a visit every now and then.

Thanks to everyone who came out this year! And thanks to Christine for sharing her photos!

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