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The Moss Lady

Chapter 3: The cool looking stump we found on our hike that looks like sexy lady legs.

I was out hiking with my best girlfriend (and dog friend), Yuba, the other day, as we do pretty much every day now since January. We came across this really interesting stump. It looked to me like some very sexy lady legs in a power stance and had a hollow inside, perfect to use as a planter! We happily carried it back together, me trying to keep it from being eaten by a voracious puppy mouth and her, well, trying her best to eat my sexy lady stump.

It was a perfect addition to the moss library! I felt like it was lacking a certain something and that something happened to be this exact stump. ha ha

We got to work, making space in the library. I pushed aside some twisted moss to make way for the stumpy legs to thump into the ground and then I filled it with some common peat moss and a sprig of shaggy peat moss to drape over the front.

I was covered in dirt after this shoot. It was raining and windy and my hands were blue by the end but (again) it was totally worth it. I am so happy with how the images turned out. I actually brought a big whiteboard out to have a clean background behind the stump for a few shots. It gave it an interesting look because the bottom of the image looks like its outside and then the backdrop itself is clean and white. I like the contrast.

This chapter is part of a larger story about nature, the global pandemic, and how I am dealing with everything. Click here for the background on the Moss Library.

ABOUT J.LYON (She/Her) J.Lyon, also known as Jennifer Lyon, is an award-winning Ontario-based visual artist.

Jennifer's primary work is as a professional portrait and commercial photographer operating in southern Ontario. She offers a broad range of unique services, including commercial branding, product photography, and portraiture, with studio locations in K-W and Collingwood.

Jennifer considers herself an Eco Artist and advocate, beautifully blending natural materials and textures into her work. She employs a range of mediums, including, photography, landscape architecture, sculpture, carving, and fashion and is available for commissions. You can also search for her works of art on this blog.



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