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The Second Branch

I found this very interesting log on my property and thought I'd make it another part of the Moss Library. I found it this way, with this huge square cut out in the front with the bark peeled back. It kind of looks like a window with a ledge. I hallowed out the inside a bit more, added moss inside, and moss on top and look!

Its another 'branch' of the library (haha pun intended).

I also added a very sweet set of homemade curtains to the front. It seemed like a good idea at the time and despite my feelings of doubt, I just went for it.

Gives it a nice homey feel, don't ya think?

There have been so many positive interactions with people from all over the world.

People are connecting online and more branches are popping up all over the place as people create their own connections with nature and share their stories with me.

They're visiting the library virtually on social media and private Zoom tours. They're also sharing stories about their own gardening creations. I am allowing people to give their input on modifications to my garden and the feedback has been incredible and hilarious.

I’m also offering virtual photoshoots for people who want to document their ‘trip’ to the library and pose amongst the moss.

Click here for more info.

Stay tuned for more moss library inspired content. To share your story, please email me.

ABOUT J.LYON (She/Her) J.Lyon, also known as Jennifer Lyon, is an award-winning Ontario-based visual artist.

Jennifer's primary work is as a professional portrait and commercial photographer operating in southern Ontario. She offers a broad range of unique services, including commercial branding, product photography, and portraiture, with studio locations in K-W and Collingwood.

Jennifer considers herself an Eco Artist, beautifully blending natural materials and textures and always advocating for the environment. Jennifer employs a range of mediums in her work as an artist, including, landscape architecture, sculpture, carving, and fashion and is available for commissions.


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